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Driver Killed on La Veta Pass after Accident with Cadillac Escalade

La Veta pass, located in the gateway to the San Luis Valley can be especially dangerous for motorists. This pass is loaded with blind curves. Sure, solid yellow lines prohibit passing in these dangerous areas, but vehicles oftentimes ignore the law. Everyone knows that the rule of the road is DO NOT PASS on a solid yellow line.

Construction realm poses myriad risks for injuries, wrongful death

An initial point to note regarding personal injury wrongful death cases is that questionable third-party conduct -- the driving factor and immediate catalyst that brings about a fatality -- knows virtually no bounds when it comes to the scenarios under which it can occur.

No kidding, that driver next to you could actually be sleeping

It's often hard for crash investigators to tell if the primary catalyst underlying a motor vehicle accident in Colorado or elsewhere was a zoned-out or flatly sleeping driver, because authorities can't simply question that motorist in the wake of a crash.

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