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Unsecured transport items cause serious injuries and fatalities

Have you ever driven on the freeway behind a vehicle carrying a heavy load of items? It could be a long ladder that doesn't appear securely tied up. Perhaps it is a long bed truck carrying many large steel pipes. Do you ever fear such items will get loose and hurl towards your windshield? It is a scary thought, especially since roadway debris is the reason many crashes occur. In fact, according to a study done by AAA Foundation, over 200,000 traffic accidents stem from unsecured transport loads.

Family may consider wrongful death claim after Colorado crash

Making the decision to take legal action after a fatal car accident can be difficult for surviving family members. They certainly know that seeking compensation cannot bring their loved one back, but they may gain some semblance of closure and justice if they choose to file a wrongful death claim. Though this type of action can be complicated, it may prove beneficial.

Fatal crash may lead to wrongful death claims in Colorado

Sudden deaths can affect everyone differently. Unfortunately, most deaths do occur under unexpected circumstances, and car accidents account for a considerable number of those fatalities. When an accident does result in one or multiple deaths, the surviving family members of the victims may have reason to seek compensation from the driver considered at fault through wrongful death claims.

Family may consider wrongful death claim after train hits SUV

No parent wants to think about the idea of losing a child. Sadly, this type of tragedy does occur, and many families are left to contend with the grief and other hardships such an event can bring. When other parties may be liable for the incident that led to the death, the family of the victim may have reason to file a wrongful death claim.

Wrongful death claims may stem from Colorado wrong-way crash

Fatalities, serious injuries, property damage and other outcomes are common from serious crashes. Unfortunately, car accidents have a tendency to occur often and can affect many people in a single collision. Surviving family members of individuals killed in crashes often have many hardships to face, and due to these struggles, they may have cause to file wrongful death claims.

Wrongful death claims may result from Colorado crash

Deadly accidents happen every day. Unfortunately, these incidents can claim the lives of individuals of any age, and families are often left to deal with numerous hardships in the aftermath. If a death occurs during a car accident due to the negligence of a driver, surviving family members may have legal options for filing wrongful death claims that they may wish to consider.

Wrong-way collision may lead to wrongful death claim in Colorado

Getting home safely is often the goal of many people. Unfortunately, numerous people across the country become victims of car accidents every year. As a result, family members are often left behind wondering how these events could have happened and what they should do next. For some, filing wrongful death claims may be worth consideration.

Fatal pedestrian accident may lead to wrongful death claim

There are few events in life that individuals find more devastating than the sudden death of a loved one. Though this type of event can have heartbreaking impacts on surviving family members, they are not uncommon. In fact, car accidents claim lives every day, and many people are left to attend to their grief. If negligence played a role in the incidents, some individuals may have reason to seek justice for their deceased loved ones through wrongful death claims.

Study: brain injuries a big problem for motorcycle passengers

Few people across Colorado need to be told that riding a motorcycle can be a risky activity. Unfortunately, much of that risk often owes to the negligent driving of motorists in passenger vehicles who don't give enough attention or respect to motorcyclists.

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