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The American workplace: troublesome landscape for older workers?

No, it's not time -- nor would it be fair -- to sound a clarion call of concern for America's comparatively older employees in the workforce. Doing so would certainly be a bit alarmist, as well as potentially discriminatory because, as noted in a recent Denver Post article, "it's dangerous to lump all people in an age group together."

No-zone crashes: Do you know what those are?

Drivers of passenger vehicles in Colorado and across the country intuitively know quite a bit about the huge commercial trucks -- 18-wheel rigs, tractor trailer behemoths and so forth -- that are occasionally in close proximity with them on state and national freeways and other busy thoroughfares.

Motorcycle fatalities jump more than 8 percent in 2015

It goes without saying that motorcyclists are in a risky position out on the road. Their vehicles inherently don't provide the safety that other vehicles offer. Cars have airbags, a fully-closed canopy, seat belts and many other safety options. Motorcyclists can only wear a helmet and a padded jacket -- and hope that they aren't involved in an accident.

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