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Accident on icy Colorado road has fatal outcome

It is not unusual for weather and roadway conditions to contribute to serious car accidents. Unfortunately, drivers may not always slow down or take other precautions to accommodate for icy or wet roadways, and before anyone knows what is happening, a crash could take place. When this occurs, it is possible that a fatal outcome may result.

Wrongful death legal protections and how they help

Wrongful death legal protections are an important legal resource that can help surviving family members of lost loved ones who have been wrongfully killed in a fatal accident. The unexpected and wrongful loss of a loved one because of another party's negligence can be overwhelming to take which is why family members have legal protections available to them.

Accidents on icy roads can prove fatal

With cold weather well underway in Colorado, it is important that drivers accommodate for road conditions. Icy conditions can easily cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, and if that happens, the outcomes can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, such accidents can quickly prove fatal.

Wrongful death claim may follow fatal pedestrian accident

Experiencing the loss of a loved one is something that most people go through at some point in their lives. In some cases, a person's passing may be expected due to old age, illness or other matters, but in others, a person's life could end suddenly and unexpectedly due to the action of another individual. In the latter cases, surviving families may end up exploring wrongful death claims.

Fatal accident claims life; driver leaves the scene

Most people rely on others in some form or another. Most families rely on one another for support, love, financial help and other important aspects of their lives. Because of the importance of this support, it can be devastating in many ways for a family to suddenly lose a loved one in a fatal accident.

Motorcycle accident proves fatal in Colorado

Having a loved one who rides a motorcycle can be a source of anxiety for any family member. Though the person may love riding and does everything necessary to stay safe, there is always the chance that a motorcycle accident can occur. Unfortunately, these events often prove fatal.

Hit-and-run leads to fatal injuries in Colorado

Car accidents are frightening events, even when they are relatively minor. Unfortunately, some people may make these incidents more serious by choosing to leave the scene of the accident. When another person involved does not stay at the scene, there is a chance that injured parties may not receive the help they need in time and could suffer fatal injuries.

2 victims lose lives in Colorado DUI crash

Losing control of a vehicle can happen more easily than many people believe. When drivers consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel, it increases the chances of losing control. Unfortunately, when DUI accidents take place, lives are often lost, and it is not unusual for innocent people to be the victims.

Fatal motorcycle accident claims life in Colorado

Though many people enjoy riding motorcycles, these bikes come with more safety risks than operating larger vehicles. Though the activity can be safe when riders take precautions and when other drivers pay attention, the actions of other drivers cannot always be counted on. As a result, a fatal motorcycle accident could result.

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