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Crashes involving animals keep increasing in Colorado

Most Coloradans are accustomed to having encounters with wildlife. After all, our state is notorious for its rugged wilderness and numerous ranches. From wild animals like bears and deer to domesticated ones like cattle and horses, there is no shortage of animals for us to see. Still, when animals venture from their habitats and encroach upon the human world, the results can be unexpected.

Who is to blame for accidents involving livestock?

People who live in Colorado know that between the mountains and the plains, this state is home to a diverse population of wildlife. There are also massive farms and ranches where livestock can be found. The abundance of animal life here is awe-inspiring, but it does come with some hazards.

Who is responsible in a Colorado cattle-car accident?

A nightmare for drivers traveling on roads in rural Colorado is hitting a more than 1,500-pound bull. Hitting cattle can total your vehicle and cause serious injuries. After receiving proper medical care, you may find yourself asking who is responsible for the accident.

Collisions with stray livestock: An unexpected hazard

Readers familiar with the history of the United States will remember that there have been times when things got tense. Cattle ranchers in Colorado and in other states who felt they had a legacy claim to grazing land didn't take kindly to homesteaders and sheepherders moving in. There were some battles.

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