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Legal action may be justified after hitting livestock in Colorado

Driving on Colorado's rural roads may seem relatively safe. After all, there are few vehicles to pose a threat, and the roads are often straight. Yet, even these sometimes-desolate roads can prove to be dangerous. This is because Colorado is an open range state, meaning that livestock owners are not required to fence their properties to keep their animals there. In fact, the law only requires property owners to put up fences if they want to prevent property damage from others' livestock that are free-ranging.

Your cow was in the middle of the road, sir

You are on your way home from work after what could be considered a decent day, windows down, feeling the breeze, as you cruise on over a hill. The same hill that you crest, then coast down every day of the week. Except this time something is different. You top that hill to begin your descent and notice a large brown cow in the middle of the road. You slam on your brakes, but the tires squeal and the momentum pushes you forward until you slam into that cow. Your next memory is waking up in a hospital. Then, you find out your vehicle is totaled and you are left with multiple severe injuries.

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