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Study finds work communications contribute to distracted driving

It seems like it is becoming more difficult to leave work at the office. While many of us in Alamosa simply want to do the best work we can, which often requires work outside of the office, others are required to be available "after hours." In our digital world much of this work is conducted online. As such, many individuals find themselves checking and answering emails and texts after they have left the office, including while they are driving. This can prove dangerous to all motorists on the road.

Colorado law firm championing accident victims' rights

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is often challenging. Victims usually must find a way to cope with unexpected and undeserved physical pain and suffering they experienced following the crash. This is in addition to the financial ramifications of the crash, typically manifested in medical expenses and lost wages. Taken as a whole, these damages can be emotionally devastating. Sometimes, car accident victims feel so overwhelmed that they feel paralyzed. This feeling can further jeopardize their future, especially when the accident in question was caused by the negligence of another.

Colorado truckers must abide by hours of service regulations

With its wide-open roads, rural Colorado has its fair share of semi-trucks zooming their way across the state. The trained and oftentimes experienced truckers who operate these big rigs should be able to do so safely, especially when they adhere to federal safety regulations. Sadly, though, sometimes truckers don't abide by the rules imposed upon them, which puts other motorists at greater risk of being injured or killed in an auto accident. When this happens, it becomes imperative for victims and their families to look at the applicable safety regulations to better determine if a trucker failed to abide by them, as doing so can serve as strong evidence supporting a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

The importance of objections during an auto accident case

Most personal injury lawsuits settle before being litigated in court. Those who can settle often reach a resolution that supports their best interests. Usually this means that an auto accident victim will agree that an offered amount of compensation is appropriate given the time, money and risk associated with taking a case to trial.

Things to consider before accepting an auto accident settlement

Figuring out what to do in the aftermath of a car accident can be an overwhelming process. Those in Colorado who have suffered serious injuries need to focus on recovering their health, including their physical capabilities, and those who lose a loved one to a wreck likely need time to emotionally heal. At the same time, these victims and their families may be facing severe financial hardship. Medical expenses can quickly rack up, and funeral costs and lost wages may make it challenging, if not impossible, to make ends meet.

Tips to manage finances after suffering a brain injury

Suffering a brain injury can have long-lasting and wide-ranging effects. For many of these victims in Colorado and elsewhere, their financial health is of paramount concern. They may be rendered permanently disabled, but rehabilitation therapy may prove beneficial. Some are even able to reclaim much of their pre-injury lives and participate in the activities they once loved, but others are not so lucky and end up suffering life-long damages. As we have discussed previously on the blog, brain injuries can also contribute to mental health issues that can end up being debilitating. While these conditions, too, may be treatable, the expenses associated with treating these physical and mental conditions can be extensive, especially when a brain injury sufferer is unable to work.

Auto accidents can cause painful and long-lasting whiplash

Car accidents can result in a wide array of injuries that can span the spectrum of severity. Brain and spinal cord injuries are amongst the most serious, but even injuries that are comparatively minor can cause significant pain and suffering to an auto accident victim in Colorado. These injuries can also leave victims with significant financial losses, including medical expenses and lost wages.

How can marijuana use lead to auto accidents?

Since Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana use, the substance has gained even more widespread acceptance. Stores selling the drug can be seen just about everywhere. Yet, simply because the substance has become legal does not mean that it is entirely safe. This is especially true when marijuana use is combined with driving a motor vehicle.

What to consider before settling an auto accident claim

Coloradoans who have been injured in a car accident have a lot to deal with. The physical harm inflicted upon them can make life challenging, as they may not be able to perform tasks that were once easy, including working. Emotionally, these victims can be dealt a significant blow. They can become anxious of driving and even depressed on account of their physical injuries. These individuals also suffer financial losses, usually in the form of medical expenses and lost wages. Trying to figure out how to make ends meet in the aftermath of an car crash can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why legal action is often needed.

Increased stopping distance can result in car accident

Semi trucks on Colorado's roadways are not an unusual sight. These massive vehicles can be seen zooming down interstates and around tight mountainous roads on a daily basis. Fortunately, these vehicles are often driven with care. However, far too often they are driven negligently which puts other motorists in harm's way. When a negligent trucker causes a car accident, the results can be catastrophic. Physical injuries, emotional damages, and financial losses are all very real possibilities in the aftermath of these crashes.One reason truck accidents are so devastating is because their size can destroy vehicles and anything or anybody inside. This is why truckers need to be aware of the increased stopping distances that are necessary to bring such a huge vehicle to a safe stop. Whereas a car may only be up to 18 feet in length and weigh up to 4000 pounds, a semi-truck can be as long as 53 feet and weigh as much is 80,000 pounds. This means that a semi truck traveling at 65 mph will require 525 feet in order to come to a complete stop compared to just 316 feet for the average passenger vehicle. Truckers who fail to take this increased distance into account can wind up rear ending slowed or stopped traffic, or even hitting a pedestrian.There are many factors that contribute to stopping distance. Reaction time is one of the biggest. Therefore, a trucker who is intoxicated, distracted, or fatigued may require an even greater distance in order to come to a stop. As most people realize, there are some instances where no amount of distance will allow a trucker to stop safely. Truckers you fall asleep at the wheel, for example, will not even know when to hit the brakes. They will simply slam into whatever is in their way.That simple thought is terrifying, but it is one that far too many individuals have had to live through. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, while about money, is also about much more. Many people who are successful on these claims find that imposing liability provides them with a sense of justice and closure. Therefore, those who have been injured in a truck accident should carefully consider whether to take legal action as compensation, accountability, and closure may be available.

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