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Hit-and-run car accident near college campus injures student

Many college campuses are filled with students who would rather walk to and from classes than run the risk of being late while trying to find a parking spot. With the resulting influx in pedestrian traffic, nearby drivers must use caution as they navigate near campus, as this could prove vital to preventing a potential catastrophe. A recent hit-and-run car accident that took place near a university campus in Colorado has reportedly left a college student with serious injuries.

Drunk driving takes a life every 50 minutes

Fatal accidents happen for many reasons; the vast majority of those reasons are easily avoidable. People run red lights, send text messages, brake-check the cars behind them, tailgate the cars in front of them and drive recklessly in all sorts of different ways.

Impairment suspected in fatal car accident in Colorado

Losing control of a vehicle can be a scary experience and in the time it takes to realize what is going on and take steps to steer back on course, the threat of a collision may be close at hand. In some cases, a driver may have little to no time to react to such a scenario before disaster strikes and the resulting collision could place the well-being of everyone involved in harm's way. A recent head-on car accident has left one person with severe injuries and claimed the life of another in Colorado.

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