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Distracted driving probably causes more accidents than we think

How can we keep track of statistics about dangerous conduct on the roadways in America, such as instances of distracted driving? After all, at any given time there are millions of vehicles on the roads of Colorado and other states throughout the country. Nevertheless, it is important to keep track of what people are doing in their vehicles as they are driving, oftentimes at high speeds, alongside other people on the roadways.

Family may gain wrongful death info after fatal crash

Though the aftermath of a fatal accident is difficult to handle, surviving loved ones may benefit from gaining information. In many cases, crashes resulting in fatalities can warrant wrongful death claims against the drivers considered at fault. Surviving family members may be able to file such claims in efforts to obtain compensation for allowable damages, and a better understanding of this possible legal option could prove useful.

What types of damages are recoverable after a car accident?

An auto accident can leave you in terrible shape. Sure, your car may have been damaged, but you've probably also suffered some sort of physical injury. If severe enough, these injuries may have required medical treatment and forced you out of work for some time. As a result, your physical, emotional, and financial health may be less than desirable, leaving you wondering what you can do to not only recover compensation for your damages, but also to get even with the individual who caused your injuries in the first place.

Families may consider wrongful death claims after 2 killed

When a loved one is harmed due to the actions of another person, family members may immediately feel as if justice is deserved. That feeling may present itself even more strongly if a negligent or reckless driver caused an accident that claimed the life of a loved one. Because pursuing justice and compensation is a common desire, exploring wrongful death claims after such an event is wise.

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