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Fatal hit-and-run may have family considering wrongful death suit

Hit-and-run accidents are not uncommon incidents. While drivers have a duty to remain on the scene of a car accident, many people fearing negative consequences or for whatever other reason choose to leave, even if another individual has been injured. It can take time to find these drivers, but authorities are often able to apprehend them, which can give families the opportunity to file wrongful death claims if the incident proved fatal.

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death takes place when a fatality has been caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another party. A wrongful death lawsuit may only be brought by the executor, or personal representative, of the deceased party's estate. Any damages awarded from such a case would be payable to the estate and then disbursed as dictated by a last will and testament. If the deceased party did not have a will, then the disbursement would take place at the discretion of a probate judge.

Hit-and-run crash may lead to wrongful death claim

When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, it is not unusual for the other parties involved or even witnesses to attempt to follow that driver. Unfortunately, the situation can sometimes become more dangerous than the initial collision. In fact, fatal injuries can sometimes result, and the fleeing driver may have criminal charges and civil claims for wrongful death to contend with.

Colorado Man Demonstrates the Dangers of Fleeing an Accident

Every Colorado citizen should know by now the procedures of what to do after an accident. The state requires both parties to pull over to the side and sort the crash details out with each other and potentially the police. Unfortunately, a number of drivers try to escape potential penalties by choosing to continue driving, committing a hit-and-run in the process.

Colorado road rage fatalities on the rise

Many drivers feel angry when someone cuts them off abruptly or when someone is driving too close behind them. However, being angry is one thing and acting on that anger is another. According to an article published by The Denver Post, the state of Colorado has been ranked number two in the nation for deaths involving road rage and aggressive driving. This statistic is derived from the Fatal Analysis Reporting System, which is a federal database that tracks fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle accidents annually.

Wrongful death claim may stem from purposeful fatal crash

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, and when they are determined to have been intentional, the families of any victims may feel a range of emotions. It is often hoped that most people would feel remorse after causing such an event, but families may feel an even greater need for justice when they learn that someone purposefully caused a fatal crash. In these cases, pursuing a wrongful death claim may be warranted.

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