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New wildlife tunnel aims to decrease crashes involving animals

Road collisions involving wildlife are rising in Colorado. Most of these incidents happen in the state’s rural areas, where animals wander onto highways and get struck by moving vehicles. The state is using innovation to tackle what has become a major problem for both drivers and creatures. Learn how wildlife tunnels aim to reduce accidents and protect nature’s way of life.

Your cow was in the middle of the road, sir

You are on your way home from work after what could be considered a decent day, windows down, feeling the breeze, as you cruise on over a hill. The same hill that you crest, then coast down every day of the week. Except this time something is different. You top that hill to begin your descent and notice a large brown cow in the middle of the road. You slam on your brakes, but the tires squeal and the momentum pushes you forward until you slam into that cow. Your next memory is waking up in a hospital. Then, you find out your vehicle is totaled and you are left with multiple severe injuries.

Understanding the Basics of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Screeching tires, metal crushing on impact and glass shattering are all sounds that easily become ingrained in the memory of accident victims. Traumatic traffic collisions can easily lead to various physical damage, including a person’s brain. The brain is highly vulnerable to consequent pain and suffering experienced by the victim. Loved ones are often most fearful of the recovery process when there has been brain damage.

Fatal accident claims life of woman in Colorado

When a life stops in an instant, most people do not know what to do. Learning the news that a loved one has been involved in a fatal accident can leave many people feeling numb and confused. Sadly, these events often take place, and the days, weeks and months after the incident tend to leave surviving family members struggling.

Fatal incident in Colorado claims life of motorcyclist

Deadly accidents are not uncommon. Car crashes regrettably claim lives every day. In many cases, these tragedies could have been prevented if drivers had not been distracted or otherwise negligent in their operation of their vehicles. Still, the lives lost cannot be brought back, and the victims' surviving family members are left looking for answers and closure.

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