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Collect this evidence after a truck accident

Building injury and property date claims after a truck accident is a complicated process, and can feel overwhelming to recovering victims. This is understandable because truck accidents often cause massive property loss and physical injury, but it is important to collect evidence from the scene of the accident, and from the truck and its driver as quickly as possible. Otherwise, this evidence may disappear completely, making it much more difficult to build a strong claim and receive full compensation.

If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries and losses in a truck accident, you must make it a priority to gather crucial evidence while you still can. The more evidence you gather, the stronger the claim you can build, protecting your rights and priorities while you heal.

Crash could lead to wrongful death claim in Colorado

It can be difficult to know the right steps to take after the sudden death of a loved one. Certainly, handling funeral arrangements and final affairs is necessary, but if the loss resulted from the negligent or reckless actions of another person, there could be other steps to take as well. For instance, surviving family members may have reason to file a wrongful death claim against the person considered at fault.

This type of legal action could stem from a recent crash in Colorado. Reports indicated that a 21-year-old man was driving a pickup truck when he failed to remain on the roadway. As a result, the vehicle collided with a traffic pole. The incident resulted in a passenger in the vehicle being ejected from the pickup truck.

What types of damages are available in personal injury claims?

On this blog, we often discuss how a personal injury claim can compensate an injured person for their damages. In this post, we will dive into a little more detail about what "damages" means in this context, and how Colorado law differentiates between types of damages.

Essentially, "damages" refers to the costs suffered by the victim. The underlying idea behind holding a defendant liable for the plaintiff's injuries is to compensate for the costs the injured person has suffered as a result of the accident. These costs can be classified as economic damages or noneconomic damages.

Moving forward after the wrongful death of a loved one

Losing a loved one is always difficult, no matter the circumstances, but wrongful deaths are some the most trying experiences we can encounter as humans. The sudden loss of someone you love may leave you feeling completely lost and unable to move forward, emotionally and practically. These are understandable reactions, and it is important to take steps to protect your rights in Colorado while you work through this difficult season.

If you lost a loved one because of the negligence or actions of another person, then you may have grounds for a wrongful death suit. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wrongful deaths, because no form of compensation can account for the loss of a human life, but it is important to seek the remedies you have available.

Fatal bicycle accident claims life of Colorado woman

Though riding a bike is an activity that many people enjoy, it is also one that poses many risks. Though scrapes and bruises are relatively common just from falling from a bike, more serious or even fatal injuries could result when a bike accident involves a car. Even when cyclists travel in designated bike lanes, crashes can occur.

It was recently reported that a collision in Colorado led to the death of a 37-year-old woman. According to reports, the woman was riding her bicycle in a designated bike lane when the driver of a car failed to yield to her. As a result, the vehicle, which was traveling approximately 20 mph, hit the woman as the driver was making a right turn.

Legalized marijuana, driving, accidents and proving negligence

More than five years ago, Colorado began legalizing sales and recreational use of marijuana. Businesses, lawmakers, law enforcement officers and the public have been trying to figure out how to adjust to the new state of affairs ever since.

One of the biggest sticking points remains the question of driving while under the effects of marijuana. The official position of the Colorado Department of Transportation is that drivers should not consume marijuana in any amount before driving, lest they run the risk of driving while impaired. Colorado law sets a legal limit of five nanograms of THC in the bloodstream, as measured in blood or saliva tests.

Wrongful death: Colorado motorcyclist killed in crash

When a family learns that a loved one has been killed in a car accident, they often want to know what happened. When they find out that the incident involved a drunk driver, they may feel even more devastated knowing that the crash could have been prevented if that person had not chosen to drink and drive. In efforts to seek justice, they may find it useful to consider filing a wrongful death claim.

It was recently reported that alcohol was suspected as a factor in a crash that claimed the life of one man in Colorado. According to reports, the man was driving a motorcycle on Interstate 25 when he was hit from behind by a car. The collision caused the man to be thrown from the motorcycle, and despite wearing a helmet, he suffered fatal injuries.

Can I sue if I was partly at fault in my accident?

Most personal injury cases are based on the legal concept of negligence, and under Colorado law, negligence in car accident cases is relatively straightforward. A driver acts negligently when he or she fails to exercise reasonable care to avoid the risk of injury to others on the road. If their negligence leads to an accident and someone else is injured as a result, the negligent driver can he held liable for the injured person's damages, including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

However, there are many car accidents where both parties have acted negligently. For instance, one driver may have veered into the other's lane, but the second driver was speeding, making the accident worse. Can a person who contributed to an accident recover compensation?

A brain injury can lead to massive personality changes

Your spouse gets into a car accident. They don't cause it. They're sitting in a backup at a construction zone when a semitruck slams into the back of their car. They survive, but they have to be airlifted from the site with severe head injuries.

At the hospital, it's clear that your spouse has a brain injury. Doctors do everything they can, and, miraculously, your spouse begins to heal. After a time, they are able to come home.

Motorcycle accident claims 2 lives in Colorado, alcohol suspected

The loss of a loved one can have substantial impacts on surviving family members. When more then one loved one is killed in a sudden motorcycle accident, it can be even more difficult to accept the dreadful news. It can also present more hardships on a family who will have to work to cope with multiple losses and the other repercussions of the incident.

This type of situation is likely affecting one Colorado family. According to reports, a man and woman were on a motorcycle traveling west when a vehicle traveling east failed to maintain the correct lane. As a result, the eastbound vehicle collided head-on with the motorcycle. The driver of the car was reported as being 69 years old, and the driver of the motorcycle was reported as being 61 years old. The motorcycle passenger's age was not given in the report.

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