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We help people in Alamosa seek justice after a car crash

Auto accidents are a leading cause of death in America, and they can wreak devastation on Alamosa families. The injury or loss of a loved one - a parent, a child, a spouse - can be terrible. Hospital bills can add up quickly, and lost wages can make it that much harder to keep one's head above water. Motor vehicles can be very dangerous things, and our legal system recognizes that drivers must exercise caution while driving to prevent injurious and deadly accidents.

The devastating effect of auto accidents is vividly illustrated by a deadly crash we told you about some weeks ago. At least one person was killed in a chain-reaction accident that also resulted in seven people suffering injuries.

Wildlife to look out for in the fall

As you can tell from this blog, Colorado is a state that has an excess of car accidents involving wildlife. Whether they come from a nearby farm or forest, numerous animals walk on the roads at the wrong time, leaving hundreds of residents with damaged vehicles and possible injuries.

Autumn marks the beginning of an increase in animal crossings throughout the nation, and the Centennial State is no different. As the sunlight decreases, more drivers are in danger of hitting an animal during the morning or evening commute. It is important to be aware of the different wildlife that could roam on rural roadways and how to properly deal with them.

Fatal injuries result from Colorado motorcycle crash

When motorcycles are involved in accidents, the outcomes are often devastating. The reasons that these incidents occur can vary, but often, drivers of larger vehicles tend to overlook motorcycles due to them being smaller. Unfortunately, if a larger vehicle turns in front of a motorcycle, fatal injuries could result.

It was recently reported that this type of outcome stemmed from a crash in Colorado. Two individuals were on a motorcycle traveling south when an SUV made a left turn in front of the motorcycle. As a result, the motorcycle crashed into the side of the SUV. The individuals on the motorcycle were reported as being a 42-year-old male driver and a 37-year-old female passenger. The driver of the SUV was 68 years old.

Types of damages available in a wrongful death claim

Wrongful death is defined as the death of a person due to the negligence, recklessness or misconduct of another. This definition includes murder. In such a case, the surviving family members may sue the negligent party for wrongful death and be awarded several different types of compensation.

First, let's define who can file a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado. Within the first year following a death, a surviving spouse may file a claim. Within the second year following a death, either the surviving spouse or one or more of any surviving children may file. If neither of those parties exist, the parents of a deceased party may file. If the parents are also deceased, then the party who is appointed as executor of the deceased party's estate may file what is known as a "survival action" on behalf of the estate.

Car crash leads to fatality on Colorado interstate

In an instant, a highway with steadily moving traffic can turn into the scene of a tragic accident. In areas with multiple lanes and numerous vehicles, it is not uncommon for a car crash to involve several of those vehicles. Unfortunately, these incidents can also lead to serious and fatal injuries for those involved.

It was recently reported that a multi-car accident in Colorado proved fatal. The incident involved three vehicles on Interstate 70. Apparently, a black sedan was heading west when the driver attempted to change lanes. In doing so, that vehicle collided with an SUV. The impact caused the SUV the strike the median before ending up in the eastbound lanes, which resulted in it being hit by another sedan.

Jefferson County man charged with vehicular homicide

A 25-year-old Jefferson County man has been charged with vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident and driving under the influence.

The charges stem from an incident on August 31st in which the man struck and killed a 15-year-old boy with his vehicle. The teenager was walking across the road on Church Ranch Boulevard, and the man was headed south in his vehicle on Wadsworth Boulevard. Upon striking the boy, he did not stop, attempt to render any aid nor notify the police. The young man did not survive. Law enforcement caught up with the driver a few blocks away from the collision site and took him into custody. His preliminary hearing has been scheduled for October 9th and he is currently out on bail of $10,000. Penalties for leaving the scene of an accident in which a fatality occurred in the state of Colorado can include up to 12 years prison time.

Common nursing home injuries and your right to compensation

When an elderly parent enters the care of a nursing home, you expect that the staff will treat your parent with absolute respect and attention. Elderly men and women rely on nursing home workers for daily aid in cleaning themselves, eating and getting dressed. Further, these individuals rely on the employees to administer medication and observe your parent’s health.

Unfortunately, serious negligence arises when nursing home staff prove inattentive or careless, and elderly men and women face life-threatening injuries. As many do not comprehend their surroundings or have trouble remembering, their health may deteriorate quickly if they cannot ask for help. If your parent suffered a serious injury, illness or even died as a result of an inattentive nursing home care assistant, you have the right to significant compensation in Colorado.

Young woman's death may spur wrongful death claim

Car accidents are events that claim the lives of people every day. No family wants to be the next to learn that their loved one has passed due to such an incident, but there is no way to predict whether it could happen to them. Surviving loved ones who are affected by such incidents may feel the need to take some sort of action, and filing a wrongful death claim is often an option to consider.

One family in Colorado may look into this legal avenue after the death of a young woman. Reports stated that the 25-year-old high school coach was driving a vehicle east when a westbound vehicle veered into the eastbound lane and collided with her vehicle. At the time of the report, authorities suspected that the 22-year-old driver of the westbound vehicle fell asleep behind the wheel.

One dead in in Alamosa County crash

A 50-year-old Moffat woman is dead after a two-vehicle accident in Alamosa County. The accident happened on Monday, August 20th around 6:20 p.m.

A 32-year-old woman who was driving east on County Road 4 North did not stop at the stop sign where the road intersects with County Road 6 East. She was driving a Toyota pickup. Upon running the stop sign, she struck the right rear of a Volkswagen Jetta, sending it spinning, and then rolling one and a half times before coming to a stop upside down on the eastbound shoulder. The driver of that vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.

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