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What types of damages are recoverable after a car accident?

An auto accident can leave you in terrible shape. Sure, your car may have been damaged, but you've probably also suffered some sort of physical injury. If severe enough, these injuries may have required medical treatment and forced you out of work for some time. As a result, your physical, emotional, and financial health may be less than desirable, leaving you wondering what you can do to not only recover compensation for your damages, but also to get even with the individual who caused your injuries in the first place.

Usually the best way to achieve both goals is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. If successful in establishing the elements of negligence, then you might be awarded compensation. With the proper showing, you might be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses, which can include ambulance fees, surgical and medication costs, doctor consultation fees, and expenses related to necessary medical accessories and in-home services.

Traumatic brain injuries are treated on a case-by-case basis

A traumatic brain injury has the potential to result in serious injuries or death. Fortunately, over the years, treatment of these injuries has advanced. There's no guarantee someone with a traumatic brain injury will make a full recovery, but it's more likely today than ever before.

Treatment is based largely on the severity of the injury, with the following among the most common methods:

  • Immediate emergency care: Emergency care is a must, as immediate treatment leads to a greater chance of making a full recovery.
  • Medication: There is no medication for directly treating a traumatic brain injury, but there are several types that can help during the recovery process. For example, anti-seizure drugs are often prescribed to those at risk of seizure following their injury.
  • Surgery: Not every traumatic brain injury requires surgery, but it's necessary in many cases. For example, if there's a skull fracture or bleeding in the brain, surgery is typically required to make an immediate repair.
  • Rehabilitation: Most people who suffer a traumatic brain injury will require some form of rehabilitation. In the most serious of cases, they require rehabilitation to relearn basic skills, such as talking and walking. There are many rehabilitation specialists who can help, such as: physical therapist, occupational therapist, physiatrist, rehabilitation nurse, neuropsychologist and recreational therapist.

Families may consider wrongful death claims after 2 killed

When a loved one is harmed due to the actions of another person, family members may immediately feel as if justice is deserved. That feeling may present itself even more strongly if a negligent or reckless driver caused an accident that claimed the life of a loved one. Because pursuing justice and compensation is a common desire, exploring wrongful death claims after such an event is wise.

Gaining information on this option may be on the minds of two families in Colorado after a recent fatal crash. According to reports, authorities had approached a suspicious person, but instead of stopping, the person got inside an SUV and drove away. Officers were not able to keep the SUV in their sight, but moments later, the driver of the SUV ran a red light and collided with another vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents in Colorado can cause injuries and death

With its scenic views and a nice combination of wide open and curving roadways, Colorado is a great place to ride a motorcycle. Many individuals find this activity to be peaceful and relaxing, but a negligent driver can turn a joyful ride into a living nightmare in a matter of seconds. Since motorcyclists are without the protections afforded to occupants of passenger vehicles, they often suffer serious injuries in accidents. Far too often these injuries can lead to disability and death, which is why those who are affected by a motorcycle accident need to carefully consider their legal options.

As with personal injury claims arising out of other motor vehicle accidents, injured motorcyclists must prove negligence and causation before they can recover compensation for their damages. Proving negligence in a motorcycle accident case may look slightly different than auto accident cases, though, depending on the fact at hand. For example, in about two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents the driver of another vehicle failed to yield the right of way of the motorcyclist. This is usually because motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, so motorists often fail to visually recognize them before turning out in front of them.

Colorado crash claims life, wrongful death claim possible

The steps a family takes after losing a loved one can be unique to their specific circumstances. Of course, certain actions are common, such as making funeral arrangements and handling related affairs, but some families may have reason to take legal action after the death of a loved one. For instance, if a car accident caused by a negligent driver results in fatalities, wrongful death claims may result.

One family may be looking into such options after a recent accident in Colorado. According to reports, a vehicle was traveling east when the driver failed to stop at a red light. As a result, the eastbound vehicle collided with a vehicle traveling south through the intersection. There were at least three people in the eastbound vehicle and at least two people in the southbound vehicle.

Study finds work communications contribute to distracted driving

It seems like it is becoming more difficult to leave work at the office. While many of us in Alamosa simply want to do the best work we can, which often requires work outside of the office, others are required to be available "after hours." In our digital world much of this work is conducted online. As such, many individuals find themselves checking and answering emails and texts after they have left the office, including while they are driving. This can prove dangerous to all motorists on the road.

One survey took a look at this issue and found some startling statistics. Amongst young workers, identified as those between the ages of 18 and 34, 37% of respondents indicated that they felt pressured to respond to work communications while driving. The average number amongst all age groups is 25 percent, which is still quite high.

Did a truck driver cause your car accident?

Sorting out the legal issues involved in a commercial truck accident is rarely an easy thing to do. Victims of truck accidents often find themselves frustrated by the complexity of making a personal injury claim or property damage claim afterward, while they should spend their time and energy focusing on recovery.

Unfortunately, truck accidents can involve multiple parties, all claiming that they are not responsible for the losses of the victims. If you or a person close to you recently suffered injuries and other losses in a truck accident, be sure to use strong legal resources and guidance as you build your claim, to protect your rights and help secure the complete compensation you deserve. Trying to navigate these complex issues without a clear understanding of the applicable laws in Colorado can cost you time and resources you can't afford to lose.

Wrongful death claims may result from fatal Colorado pileup

When a crash takes place that involves multiple vehicles, including tractor-trailers, serious or fatal injuries are often expected. Unfortunately, numerous people could become caught up in such an incident, and multiple families may be left to deal with the harrowing aftermath of a tractor-trailer crash. For some, pursuing wrongful death claims against those considered responsible may be a viable option.

Such legal claims may be filed after a recent crash in Colorado. According to reports, traffic was backed up on Interstate 70 due to rush hour and another accident that had occurred earlier. A semi-truck carrying lumber was apparently unable to stop before crashing into the lines of traffic. The incident resulted in 28 vehicles being involved, four of which were tractor-trailers.

Colorado law firm championing accident victims' rights

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is often challenging. Victims usually must find a way to cope with unexpected and undeserved physical pain and suffering they experienced following the crash. This is in addition to the financial ramifications of the crash, typically manifested in medical expenses and lost wages. Taken as a whole, these damages can be emotionally devastating. Sometimes, car accident victims feel so overwhelmed that they feel paralyzed. This feeling can further jeopardize their future, especially when the accident in question was caused by the negligence of another.

However, car accident victims may be able to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. From the beginning, negligent drivers and their insurance companies may be quick to make a settlement offer, but victims need to carefully analyze the strength and value of their case before agreeing to one of these agreements. That is where a skilled legal advocate, like those at the Vance & Larson Law Firm may be able to help.

What types of abuse are possible in nursing homes?

Elder abuse is a troubling occurrence in all circumstances. However, there is one aspect that is even more horrendous. This is when the abuse is at the hands of nursing home staff members who are supposed to be caring for the senior citizens.

Residents of a nursing home aren't usually there because they want to be. Instead, they need the constant help to function on a daily basis that only a nursing home can provide. They are fully dependent upon the paid staff to get things done. When elder abuse does occur, the residents can suffer greatly.

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